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Vacuum Tube Amplifiers Custom Hand-wired in Rochester, New York


Vacuum Tube Guitar Amplifiers

V12 Front Top.jpg

TWEED + Series

Amp designs from the 50's updated for the modern player while still maintaining Vintage tone.  All Tweed+ amps use 6V6 power tubes for a full and clear American tone.

SPORT Series

VT originals with a 60's Blackface vibe and Reverb.  All Sport amps use 6V6 power tubes for a classic American tone.

Vintage Sport Front Top.jpg

VTC Series

VT originals with simple controls, Vintage vibe and modern functionality.  VTC amps feature EL84 power tubes that are bright and articulate clean and harmonically rich and expressive when pushed.

V Series

Similar amplifiers to the VTC series but with more features such as multiple channels and reverb.  V series amplifiers utilize EL84 or EL34 power tubes for a British vibe.

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