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All amplifiers sold come with a lifetime workmanship warranty which means that the amplifier will be fixed free of labor charge, no questions asked, for the duration of my life.  


All resistors and film capacitors carry a lifetime warranty.


Mercury Magnetics transformers carry a 10 year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase.  Hammond transformers carry a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. 


All other components such as bulbs, switches, fuses, electrolytic capacitors, potentiometers and tubes are considered wearing items and are only guaranteed not to be dead on arrival. 


Modifications or unauthorized repairs will result in voiding of parts warranties. Operation of the amplifier using attenuators or load devices other than a speaker will void the warranty on the transformers. Operating the amplifier without a speaker load or with the improper load will void the warranty on the transformers. Operating the amplifier with the improper fuse rating or type will result in voiding of all part warranties.


The owner is responsible for shipping charges both ways in the event of a repair or warranty claim including shipping costs of components covered under warranty. The warranty is transferable if the original owner should decide to sell the amplifier under the condition that the new owner contact within a month of the date of transfer to notify me of transaction.

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