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Super Larry Amps, LLC

Super Larry a.k.a. Laurance Anderson is the owner of Super Larry Amps, LLC in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He is my mid-west partner and we have worked on many projects together.  We met on over 10 years ago and have kept in touch ever since.  I've never met him in person but we've successfully designed and built guitar and bass amplifiers via internet communication.

Larry is both passionate and diligent about building amps and has brought many of my circuits into life on nothing more than a glimmer of faith and hope.  He's worked and modified them into his own and has many different designs out in the world playing.  He builds everything from scratch, including his own cabinets.  It's been great working with him for all these years and I want readers to know who I'm referring to when I talk about our associate projects.

If you are in the market for a custom amplifier and live in his region, I couldn't recommend him enough.  I'm absolutely positive he'll put together something you'll love!

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