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These pedals have many applications such as running two amps or guitars without switching cables.  Single Y input/output connects directly to A, B or A and B together. Signal path unaltered in any way, just pure analog switching – great for purists.

  • A or B , A+B to Y pedal

  • 9VDC operation via Wall Transformer or Battery

  • (3) ¼” Jacks: A, B and Y

  • (3) LEDs: A On, B On, A+B On

  • Two Footswitches:  A or B, A and B

  • Cast Aluminum Casing with Powder Coat Finish

  • $49


This pedal was designed to easily switch between two different effects chains, A or B.  It also features a bypass so you can defeat both A and B. Individual level knobs allow you to adjust the signal of each loop relative to each other for lead and rhythm work.  Cathode followers are used to provide a low noise, low impedance output to each signal chain and to the amplifier output. All inputs are high impedance designed to work with any guitar, pedal or effects loop.  Simple yet effective with no frills, just switching ease for live performances.

  • A/B Effects Loop Switcher with Bypass Function

  • 9VDC operation via Wall Transformer or Battery

  • Mix Controls for Both A and B chains

  • (6) ¼” Jacks: Guitar In, A In, B In, A Out, B Out, Amp Out

  • (3) LEDs:  A active, B active, Bypass

  • Two Footswitches: A or B and Bypass

  • Low Impedance drivers for A, B, and Amp Outputs

  • Low Impedance drivers use transparent JFETs to retain your tone

  • High Impedance for A, B, and Guitar Inputs

  • Cast Aluminum Casing with Powder Coat Finish

  • $99


K Special Boost is a handbuilt germanium transistor booster pedal designed and voiced specifically for tube amplifiers.  I designed this pedal to compliment my amps and to be used as a lead boost on those amps with single channels, or as an alternate lead voicing on dual channel amps.  These special transistors are known for their sonic qualities and have been used in various different booster pedals since the 1960’s and can be heard on countless recordings.  The beauty of these pedals is that do not add the typical fizz or fuzz known to plague most solid state distortion pedals… they retain the musical quality of the tubes and merely boost the signal to make the tubes really sing.  Works best on an amplifier that is on the verge of clipping or already distorted.

  • Germanium transistor booster pedal

  • 9VDC operation via Wall Transformer or Battery

  • Gain and Tone Controls

  • Three unique voicings:  Thick, Bright, and Mid Boost

  • True Bypass Operation via Footswitch

  • Cast Aluminum Casing

  • $149

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