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Designed specifically for use with acoustic guitars with on-board electronics this preamp adds an ultra-clean power supply and subtle depth and dimension.  This preamp uses a high gain, high impedance input amplified by a small-signal EF86 pentode. This gives a beautiful and unique tone to any guitar over solid state or triode preamps.  The output is buffered by a transparent 12AU7 triode for noise free operation and the line output is transformer coupled for noise-free operation. The outputs are XLR and ¼” TRS balanced and unbalanced ¼” TS.  The only control is a gain control for signal level as many guitars have frequency shaping onboard. If this is not an option on your guitar consider using an EQ pedal out front if tone shaping is needed, although acoustic guitars generally run a “flat” EQ.  This amp can be used with any guitar, not just acoustic and coupled to any power amp.

  • All Tube Guitar Preamplifier.

  • EF86 Preamp with 12AU7 Buffer

  • Solid State Rectifier

  • Gain Control

  • Balanced and Unbalanced outputs

  • Hammond Power Transformer

  • Edcor Line Transformer

  • Cab Dimensions – 14”W X 10”H X 7-1/2”D

  • Anodized, Engraved Aluminum Face Plate

  • $449 w/ Electro-Harmonix EF86 and JJ 12AU7

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